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Real Estate Law

The right to housing is a growing field in Quebec, particularly due to the growing popularity of new construction techniques such as condominiums. The legislative sources of real estate law are numerous, hence the need to hire a professional to learn to articulate your particular situation.

Stakeholders in the real estate industry, as developers, managers and institutional investors prefer the advice of experienced specialists who know the industry.

We operate in all types of real estate developments of importance, such as offices, commercial projects, hotels, recreation centers, industrial projects, mixed-use buildings, residential buildings, pipelines, mines and forests . We specialize in managing large complex operations in the areas of construction, real estate portfolios, restructuring, establishment of investment funds and the conclusion of joint ventures. Our Real Estate Group works closely with our specialists in environmental law to ensure an integrated and adapted to all circumstances.

We know draw on the expertise of outstanding specialists in real estate of all our offices while drawing on the expertise of our collaborators in tax law (structuring transactions), banking law (financing and regulatory compliance), entitled environmental and municipal (land use, permits and authorizations) in insolvency law and litigation (and enforcement of security standard contractual indemnities). This allows us to provide clients with comprehensive and integrated service even under the most important operations and more complex.

Construction Law

Those working in the field of construction and renovation are necessarily faced with a multitude of legal provisions at different stages of their work. Ignorance of these rules may lead to a source of conflict, hence the importance of knowing your rights and obligations in connection with your work. As a specialist in the field of construction, our role is to advise you to avoid preserved and if possible, to provide you with adequate representation and solutions tailored to your needs.

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